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'Two Rivers' Location

The "secret" Two Rivers location, is walking distance from Goumenissa's central park.  Following the road to the village of Karpi* you are lead to a vast forest of  Plane trees.  The two streams that run through this forest area form two small cataracts and the landscape is uniquely picturesque. The investment of "sustainable development" in this area offers visitors relaxation, stunning views, and paths over numerous tree trunk bridges.  Visitors have the opportunity to observe various local flora and fauna. This scenic location, where the two streams of the Axios river merge and form the river called Sirios was developed by the Forest Office of Goumenissa. One can either walk along the bank of the first stream or visit the small cataract which is formed along the second stream. During Summer, locals swim in the cataract near the waterfalls

*The village of Karpi is a traditional settlement on a small plateau and has a characteristic black stream that runs through the SW part of the village.  Built on the east foothill of Mount Paiko, only 5 km from Goumenissa, this village used to be called Tserna Reka (Black River), named after the river bed.


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