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Paleochori-Selma-Stravopotamos Trail (10km)
  • Follow the uphill dirt road until the alt 1.345m (Selma Location). From this point you may see the great view over the peak of mount Paiko ‘Gola Tsuka’ as well as mount Tzena. Follow the trail to the right.
  • Follow the red/yellow salamander signs. Walk downhill for 2.5 km until you reach an old vague dirt road. Follow  the ‘road’ for 800m 
  • Reach the main dirt road (left takes you to Valeorvo location). Turn RIGHT. Reach the tarmack road, cross to the left and reach the next dirt road to the right. Follow for only a few meters the dirt road to reach the Stravopotamos location, where the Stravopotamos stream is as well as a picnic area
  • Cross the Stravopotamos location and on the edge follow the signs to the next trail (Primatari trail) which is the most picturesque part of the route, as you cross the river eight times over wooden bridges. The length of the trail is 3.5km and it ends at the observation tower of Primatari that offers a stunning view to the Stravopotamos gorge. (the location of the observation tower is on the asphalt road from Kastaneri to Livadia village)

Note: If you don’t wish to walk aprox 3 km on the asphalt road back at the Paliochori starting point, you must before starting your trekking leave some of your vehicles to the Primatari observation tower (where the trail ends)

Prophetes Elias-Portes-Stravopotamos Trail (11km)
The route starts at the Prophet Elias chapel right after Kastaneri village and is part of the Mount Paiko Semimarathon Route.
The route has been signed and maintained by the Mountaineering Club of Goumenissa (OSPEG) and is marked with the distinctive yellow salamanders
that you must follow on all part of the route.
  • The route starts for 500m on the asphalt road towards Megala Livadia.Turn right on the dirt road following the red marks. 
  • In a few meters meet and follow  the trail to the left (follow red&yellow signs) that will take you in the forest. 
  • After 1.800m (and 116 alt), the trail slope goes down to the river on a steep slope that needs your full attention. 
  • On 2.5 km the trail splits. Follow the right part of the trail that takes you to the river. On 3.3km reach the river and use the wooden bridge to cross.
  • Follow steep ascending slope for  900m in the forest. On 4.2 km reach a dirt road after 181m going up and turn  right, following the dirt road for 300m. 
  • On km 4.5 turn left, and follow  the trail for 1.000m (going up 160m alt) that takes you on km 5.5 to a open view point.
  • Turn right following and old dirt road for 1.100m (going another 140m uphill). 
  • On 6.7km follow the forest dirt road to the left. The road is flat and moves along  the Kandatsi summit .
  • On 9km meet the downhill trail to the left that takes you to the Primatari path trail.
  • Walk downhill (120m alt) and in almost 300m meet the forest road which you follow to the right. 
  • A few meters further reach and follow the trail to the left (signed in greek ΜΟΝΟΠΑΤΙ). Move along the Primatari/Stravopotamos trail allong the river. 
  • Cross the river through the eight wooden bridges on the most beautiful part of the trail.On km 11 reach the camping and picnic area called Stravopotamos. 
  • End of route.

Note : If you wish to avoid walking all the way back on the asphalt road, you should make sure to drive and leave your vehicle on the end of the route so that at least one car can take the drivers back to the Prophetes Elias location.

'Two Rivers' Location-Kastaneri Village (7 km)

The asphalt road the leads from Goumenissa to village Karpi goes through the Two Rivers location.

There, starts the old so called ‘Allies Road’. This road takes you following light uphill slope after 7 kms to Kastaneri, one of the most picturesque villages of mount Paiko. The views that one can get on this way is more of enough of a reason to follow this route.

When you reach the Two Rivers Location ,cross the second wooden bridge that you will meet on your left.

  • Behind the wooden kiosk follow the green route starting sign.
  • Follow the vague uphill dirt road following the sign of the bicycle route
  • The altitude difference you will need to cover is for 250m to 900m.
  • On a slow pace, in two and a half hours you will reach Kastaneri village
You may follow the same way downhill, back to Goumenissa after a refreshing stop in one of the Kastaneri taverns or cafes

Primatari-Stravopotamos (3.5 km)

The oldest signed trail of the east side of Mount Paiko is that of Primatri or Stravopotamos

  • A few km (almost 8) after Kastaneri village on the way to Megala Livadia, reach the wooden observation tower to your right, and enjoy the stunning view to the Stravopotamos gorge. There you may leave your vehicle.  
  • To the left of the observation tower, follow the downhill trail and after almost 30 mins walk you reach the first bridge.
  • The trail is crossing over the Stravopotomos stream eight times over wooden bridges, that were made and are maintained by the Goumenissa Forestry Office. You must carefully follow the signs.
  • After 3.5 km and almost one and a half hour on a slow pace and alternating slope you reach the  scenic picnic area of Stravopotamos.
After some rest and maybe after a light snack that (that you must remember to have with you) you follow the same route back to the starting point where the observation tower is.


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